A list of some of the services we provide

Wood Turning/Lathe

We provide a full wood turning service, tailored to your specific needs. You can choose a wood of your choice and to your own design. We can also provide our own design concepts for you if you wish.

Fully Fitted Bedrooms

Do you feel that your bedroom is neglected and cultured? Do you just move the belongings from one area to another without giving them a proper home? Then we can help, we can give you the bedroom you’ve always longed for.

Walk in Wardrobes

Wardrobes not big enough for you? Would you like to able to see you clothes without having to open and shut doors. Why not consider a walk in wardrobe? Don’t think you have enough space? We can partition a room or convert an existing room or enlarge closet spaces


Bring you world together in a room, and provide a touching point for the items that are important in your life. From full height centrepiece grand bookcases to making use of small alcoves.

Kitchen Fitting, Installation & Refurbishment

We build and fit bespoke kitchens and we work closely with the customer to bring your design ideas alive.

Doors & Windows

We can also plan, design and build your your doors and windows

Oak Work

Few other building material matches the character of an oak. We work in green and old oak to create fireplace, benches, staircases and many more things

Conversions & Renovations

We can convert and renovate an existing property or dwelling. We can restore wooden beams that have become rotten. From humble barns to soaring windmills